I’m Lorilee Keller, a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor based in Vancouver, BC.

For many of us, the ability to live a meaningful and fulfilled life often includes feeling present and engaged in our lives and connected to ourselves and others. If you are here, perhaps these feelings are missing from your life or are not appearing in the way you want them to.

As your therapist, I will walk alongside you in your journey, helping you to explore the deep rooted patterns in your thoughts, body, and relationships that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from living a life that is purposeful and connected. Together, we will access and transform traumatic and implicit memories so that you can create a secure attachment within yourself, and access your wise self, the spontaneous and authentic part of you that desires connection, calmness, compassion, curiosity, creativity, and confidence.

Our work together might involve:

  • learning to set boundaries and recognize your own needs

  • reducing anxiety and stress so that you feel lighter and become a more active participant in your life

  • developing a healthy relationship with food and your body

  • coping with perfectionism and developing more self compassion

  • helping you to find more meaning, purpose, and joy in your life

I also specialize in helping women to navigate challenges with the reproductive cycle including infertility, prenatal, pregnancy loss, postpartum & transitioning into motherhood.

Many of my clients are functioning well in many areas of their lives, yet still struggle to connect with themselves and others in the ways they want.

You may find yourself overwhelmed by strong emotions or unable to connect with any emotions, positive or negative. You may at times feel on edge or tense, and other times numb and disconnected. You may struggle with perfectionism or find it difficult to have a healthy relationship with food and your body. Perhaps your relationships lack the meaning you desire or you have difficulty resolving conflict. Maybe you find yourself continually taking care of others or have trouble saying “no”.

Despite the different ways that our issues may manifest, underlying them is often a common desire to better connect with ourselves and others and to feel more present and engaged in our lives. This is often more difficult than what we expect. I can help.

I would love to meet you. Take some time to browse my website, read more about my approach, or reach out and book your free phone consultation.

Areas of Specialty



Anxiety often takes the form of racing thoughts or difficulty slowing down, relaxing, or sleeping, Anxiety might show up in various areas of your life such as relationship issues including a fear of being left or difficulty establishing closeness OR difficulties in your school or career such as struggling with perfectionism.



Depression may take the form of constantly trying to manage a self critical voice, cope with persistent feelings of sadness or numbness,  and/ or feelings of physical exhaustion and depletion. You may no longer enjoy the things that brought you joy, or you may find yourself struggling to connect with others or maintain the relationships in your life. The experience of depression can feel incredibly draining and immobilizing.


Relationship Issues

Relationship issues may include struggles with family members, romantic partners, and friends. Perhaps the stress of managing a difficult relationship feels like its taking over your life, the inability to communicate with your partner or resolve conflict is preventing you from connecting on a deeper level, or the constant pressure to please others or difficulty with saying “no” has left you feeling burnt out and exhausted. Relationship issues can take many forms and show up in many different ways in our lives.


Disordered Eating

Disordered eating can include anything from dieting and counting calories to emotional eating to eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. An unhealthy relationship with food often prevents us from enjoying food and feeling present in our everyday lives. Restricting our food or bingeing on food may provide us short term relief from how we are feeling but in the long term it often keeps us feeling stuck, miserable, or disconnected from ourselves.


Self Worth

Struggles with self worth often take the form of feeling inadequate or like you’re somehow not enough.  You may at times feel invisible or experience a profound sense of feeling alone. When you feel this way it is overwhelming and out of control, almost as if you’ve been hijacked by someone else.  You may feel overcome with intense emotions, unable to connect to any emotion or experience feelings of anxiety or depression. You may find yourself turning to food, drugs, or alcohol, perfectionism, achievement, or overworking as a way of coping.


Women’s Reproductive Mental Health

Reproductive mental health counselling focuses on women’s mental and emotional health related to issues pertaining to all stages of the reproductive cycle from pre-conception to menopause including fertility, birth counselling, perinatal anxiety and depression, coping with traumatic birth, miscarriages, stillbirth, terminations, premature ovarian failure, PMS/PMDD, and menopause.