Perhaps you finding yourself constantly trying to manage a self critical voice, cope with persistent feelings of sadness or numbness,  and/ or feelings of physical exhaustion and depletion. You may no longer enjoy the things that brought you joy or you find yourself struggling to connect with others or maintain the relationships in your life. The experience of depression can feel incredibly draining and immobilizing.

Depression may show up in your life as :

  • A persistent self critical voice and/or a negative outlook on life

  • Feeling numb or disconnected from yourself or your life

  • Relationship issues: withdrawing from friends and family and/or trouble connecting with others

  • Feeling physically exhausted or constantly depleted

  • A disinterest in things used to bring you pleasure

  • Feelings of worthlessness or inadequacy

  • Feeling stuck in your life or unable to make the changes that you desire

  • Engaging in self harm or other destructive behaviors (using drugs, alcohol etc. to cope)

  • Suicidal thoughts

For some people these periods of depression alternate with periods of feeling “normal”. Other people alternate between periods of depression and periods of anxiety or heightened states of arousal, panic, and racing thoughts.

The underlying causes of depression are varied. Depression can sometimes be caused by trauma, from emotions that haven’t been processed or worked through, unresolved issues from your family or other relationships, or from a sense of feeling trapped in your life. Reaching out to get extra support when coping with depression can feel overwhelming and daunting. In counselling, I will help you to discover tools for coping with your depression on a daily basis so that you can feel more engaged and present in your life. We will also work together to discover the root causes of your depression and find ways to bring more joy and purpose into your life.

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