Areas of Specialty



Anxiety often takes the form of racing thoughts or difficulty slowing down, relaxing, or sleeping, Anxiety might show up in various areas of your life such as relationship issues including a fear of being left or difficulty establishing closeness OR difficulties in your school or career such as struggling with perfectionism.



Depression may take the form of constantly trying to manage a self critical voice, cope with persistent feelings of sadness or numbness,  and/ or feelings of physical exhaustion and depletion. You may no longer enjoy the things that brought you joy, or you may find yourself struggling to connect with others or maintain the relationships in your life. The experience of depression can feel incredibly draining and immobilizing.


Relationship Issues

Relationship issues may include struggles with family members, romantic partners, and friends. Perhaps the stress of managing a difficult relationship feels like its taking over your life, the inability to communicate with your partner or resolve conflict is preventing you from connecting on a deeper level, or the constant pressure to please others or difficulty with saying “no” has left you feeling burnt out and exhausted. Relationship issues can take many forms and show up in many different ways in our lives.