Struggles with self worth often take the form of feeling inadequate or like you’re somehow not enough.  You may have had the experience of feeling invisible or a profound sense of feeling alone. When you feel this way it is overwhelming, almost as if you’ve been hijacked by someone else.  You may feel overcome with intense emotions or feelings of anxiety or depression. You may find yourself turning to food, drugs, or alcohol to cope or perhaps to perfectionism, achievement, or overworking. Here are signs that you may be struggle with self worth:

You find yourself thinking that you aren’t adequate or enough

You feel invisible or alone

You have the urge to curl into a ball or escape

You experience uncontrollable or big emotions or have difficulty connection to any emotion

You use alcohol, drugs, food, shopping, perfectionism, or overworking to cope with strong feelings

You have an intense fear of being abandoned by others

You have a strong inner critic and use self criticism as a way to motivate yourself

You have difficulty experiencing compassion for yourself

Issues around self worth often result from traumatic or family of origin experiences. Through counselling, we can work together to discover the root causes of your struggles with self worth and help you move towards feeling more grounded, lighter, and confident in yourself and able to connect to your emotions, positive and negative, in a way that doesn’t feel too overwhelming.

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